How to become an electrician

The City and Guilds 2394 Course and Exam

The City and Guilds 2394 Initial and Fundamental Inspection and Testing qualification is replacing an element which was part of the City & Guilds 2391 Inspection & Testing qualification and will prepare candidates for the initial verification of electrical installation work.

It is aimed at practicing electricians who do not hold an Inspection and Testing qualification such as the now old City and Guilds 2391 qualification.

The qualification is also suitable for those with limited experience of initial inspection of electrical installations, such as those entering the industry from other engineering disciplines or who have been working in allied trades.

This 2394 course will enable you to understand the principles, practices and legislation for the initial verification of electrical installations with regulations and requirements. Its content covers the skills and necessary background knowledge for the inspection, testing, commissioning and certification of electrical installations.

In order to gain this valuable qualification you will have to sit the City and Guilds 2394 exam which consist of three different parts:

  • A multi-choice online exam
  • A closed book written exam
  • Practical exam.

On you can find out about each of these sections of the C&G 2394 exam as well as you will find additional helpful information such as past exam papers with questions and answers. We recommend starting with the Inspection, Testing and Verification of Electrical Installations C&G 2394 and C&G 2395 Exam Guide.

Once completed with the guide do not forget to practice with past 2391 exam papers which are exactly the same as the new City and Guilds 2394 exam questions.


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